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Mr. Valburg ~ Principal

Message From The Principal

At Bernardo Yorba Middle School our mission is “To empower all students to perform at their highest level and optimize their full potential in all endeavors.”  To achieve our mission, our first course of action is to engage all students in rigorous instruction in the core classes, physical education and electives.  Our next step is to customize each student’s class schedule to meet their individual needs and interests.  To ensure that each student is successful when challenges arise, we offer a wide range of support services.  The last step is to connect each student at BYMS with friends, peers and mentors through activities and clubs.  


To empower means to give authority to someone.  Our goal is to provide our students with the tools they need to take control of, to have authority over, their lives that they may have success, satisfaction and fulfilment through the choices they make now and in the future.  Bernardo students use critical thinking and writing skills, technology tools, creativity and interpersonal skills on a daily basis to find solutions to complex problems and to understand a complex world through a deep understanding of the subject matter.


We invite parents to join us in the pursuit of our mission through regular communication with teachers, participation in the Parent Teacher Association and the School Site Council and attendance at schoolwide events.  Middle school is the time in a student’s life when they wish to speak for themselves, however it is often necessary for parents to speak on their behalf, and we encourage parents to do so.  


As the principal of Bernardo Yorba Middle School is my goal to demonstrate our motto, “Inspiring Excellence,” every day in all that we say and do.  May this school year be one of unparalleled academic, social, emotional and physical progress for every student!  Go Matadors!




Mr. Valburg