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Barger, Dan

Barger Technology Lab, STEM Ext. 22114

Breneman, Robin

Breneman Language Arts, Health Ext. 22205

Carpenter, Holly

katie Science/ STEM Science Ext. 22502

Cherchian, Alique

katie Social Studies, Gear-up, AVID, Video Production, ASB Ext. 22113

Crecia, Jocelyn

katie Band, Orchestra  Ext. 22901

Cyrus, Pam

Cyrus Math Ext. 22207

Daetweiler, Michele

Daetweiler RSP, Special Education Ext. 22602

DeGraffenreid, Katie

katie Math Ext. 22203

Kish, Keith

Kish Language Arts Ext. 22305 

Masone, Julie

masone Art, Ceramics, Photography Ext. 22505

Park, Stella

Park Science Ext. 22504

Perez, Christine

Perez Language Arts, Yearbook, Newspaper Ext. 22302

Pham, Sam

Pham Math Ext. 22204

Roach, Tim

Roach PE Ext. 22401

Shah, Hetal

katie RSP, Special Education Ext. 22601

Seitz, Phil

Seitz Ext. 22606

Shen, Sherman

Shen Social Studies, Gear-up Ext. 22603

Spoonhower, Andrew

Spoonhower Social Studies Ext. 22607

Torres, Dianne

torres PE Ext. 22402

Villasenor, Jennifer

Gomez Spanish, ELD Ext. 22604