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PTA Sponsors

Thank you to all students and families who joined PTA 2017-2018!

Special thanks to the following PTA membership sponsors:


Chromebook Sponsor

The Malloy Family


Platinum Sponsors

Angel Family

Birtler Family

Frank Family

Greer-Benavides Family

Krupa Family

Shan-Zhang Family

Suzuki Family

Tottikaki Family

Wu Family


Gold Sponsor

Abdipour Family

Johnston Family

Krupa Family

Lopez Family

Meza Family

Momtaz Family

New Family

Overman Family

Vejar Family

Welch Family


Silver Sponsor

Anderson Family                   Austin Family                         Bahena Family

Banuelos Family                    Bergo Family                        Braun-Phan Family

Brown Family                        Bush Family                           Chen Family

Cornogg Family                     Delaney Family                      DeLaTorre Family

Erwin-White Family              Espino Family                        Fernandez Family

Gaskin Family                        Gavrilovic Family                  George Family

Gibson Family                        Gooch Family                         Goto Family

Gutekunst Family                  Gutierrez Family                    Hawkins Family

Horn Family                           Huifeng-Liang Family            Jochum Family

Johnson-Snyder Family        Kane Family                           Kirk Family

Large Family                          Abigail Larsen Family           Larsen Family           

Marasco Family                     Mazev Family                         McFarlane Family

Mak Family                            Mitchell Family                      Morris Family

Mrs. Nason                             Ortiz Family                           Perez Family             

Singh Family                          Smith Family                          Solis Family               

Stiefel Family                         Tarigan Family                      Thiha Family             

Thomas Family                      Williams Family                     Woods Family

Zamarripa Family                  Zhoung-Foung Family